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​​Deceptive Slogans (1-27)
Massive Turnout For Washington Pro-Life March For Life (2-3)
Sins of Omission (2-10)
Fatherless Families (2-17)
Witnessing an Abortion (2-24)
The Slippery Slope of Euthanasia (3-3)
​The Over-Population Myth - Part 1 (3-10)
​The Over-Population Myth - Part 2 (3-17)
Dr. Bernard Nathanson on Why He Stopped Doing Abortions (3-24)
Educating College Students About Today's Genocide (3-31)
The Sin of Silence (4-7)
Love Can Make The "Unwanted Child" Wanted (4-14)
China's One-Child Policy Results In 1,500 Abortions Every Hour (4-21)
How Archbishop Aquila Turned Back To His Catholic Faith (4-28)
What Our Children Are Being Taught In School (5-5)
Planned Parenthood Opposes Bill To Protect Babies After Botched Abortions (5-12)
A History of Deceit, Subterfuge and Discrimination (5-19)
Lessons of the Gosnell Case (5-26)
The Contrast Between Embryonic Stem Cells & Adult Stem Cells (6-2)
​Chilling Testimony Of Former Abortionist (6-9)
The Issue Is "What Is The Value Of Human Life"? (6-16)
IRS Targets And Harasses Pro-Life Groups (6-16 Extra))
We Are Called To Be "Watchmen" (6-23)
Adoption: The Loving, Caring Option (6-30)
Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide (7-7)
God's Mercy and Healing Is Infinite (7-14)
Life Begins At Conception (7-21)
The Slavery/Abortion Parallel (7-28)
Can We Change People's Minds? (8-4)
Blatantly Inconsistent (8-11)
Abortion In Young Women & Subsequent Mental Health (8-18)
Human Trafficking (8-25)
Abortion and Child Abuse (9-1)
Not Just One Of Many Issues (9-8)
The Incompatibility Of The Death Penalty With Human Dignity (9-15)
Pro-Life Legislation Makes A Difference (9-22)
Skewed Logic (9-29)
Five Essential Pro-Life Principles For Healthcare Reform (10-6)
New Study on Abortion (10-13)
Telling Words From Abortionists (10-20)
As A U.S. Citizen, Be Thankful For Your Life
Abortion, Poverty And Social Ills
Why We Catholics, Both Clergy and Laity Need To Do More
The Miracle of Life
RU-486 Drug "Morning After Pill" On the Rise and Dangerous
Euthanizing the Unhappy: The Urgent Need for Love
Post-Abortion Healing and Forgiveness
Manatees and Human Babies
Good News . . . Bad News!
The Most Unjust Situation
Forty-first Anniversary of Roe v. Wade
History Repeating Itself!
The Spanish Experience: A Lesson for the Pro-Life Movement
​How Do We Change Our Culture of Death
The Real"War On Women"
Russia Demonstrates that Population Controllers are Misguided
Adult Stem Cells Provide the Answer
Belgium Expands Laws to Terminate Those Deemed Unfit to Live
The Truth About Chemical Abortions
The Devaluation of Innocent Life
Words Are Important
The Global Abortion Agenda